Unholy Testament 4

Unholy Testament #4 was released on The BE Story Club!

The 4th part of this amazing story was released on The Breast Expansion Story Club

Unholy Testament is a BE comic with side orders of physical lust and physical and mental transformation. It also has suspense, twist and turns, and even some real action that will keep the readers wanting more. When JR Parz was told he is known for writing mind control stories with BE in them, he immediately took note and set out to write the ultimate BE comic; with only a mere touch of the other elements. He has delivered as this comic has suspense… action… and the BE is astounding and tantalizing throughout the ten page arcs. While good and evil search for the Unholy Testament, the readers are treated to one female after another falling victim to the pleasurable forces that corrupt their innocent souls. This comic will knock you for a loop – not to mention arouse the hell out of you!


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