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The Legacy

The Legacy – New Series and New Free Hosted Comic!

In the ninth breast expansion series from lauded adult comic writer TJ Hunter, “The Legacy” is a fun tale about excess with a guy who has self control issues and a crippling addiction. We follow Simon in his journey of self discovery along with trying to figure out why the breasts of women all over the world get bigger right after he stops masturbating completely! This is a simpler and lighter tale than some of the other Hunter stories, but it’s still a fun story that’s well worth a reader’s time!

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Guaranteed_as_advertised_Bobbi's Tale

Guaranteed as Advertised – Bobbi’s Tale

Another piece in a new series of shorts by Fahzbehn.  As always, there’s a touch of sentiment and humor that people have come to enjoy from Fahzbehn’s stories. Similar to the Spells ‘R Us universe in feel, Belle’s Boutique is little more mainstream. Magic, as usual, plays a part. As always, it helps to pay attention to what’s advertised.


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Unholy Testament 4

Unholy Testament #4 was released on The BE Story Club!

The 4th part of this amazing story was released on The Breast Expansion Story Club

Unholy Testament is a BE comic with side orders of physical lust and physical and mental transformation. It also has suspense, twist and turns, and even some real action that will keep the readers wanting more. When JR Parz was told he is known for writing mind control stories with BE in them, he immediately took note and set out to write the ultimate BE comic; with only a mere touch of the other elements. He has delivered as this comic has suspense… action… and the BE is astounding and tantalizing throughout the ten page arcs. While good and evil search for the Unholy Testament, the readers are treated to one female after another falling victim to the pleasurable forces that corrupt their innocent souls. This comic will knock you for a loop – not to mention arouse the hell out of you!


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Zero to Z-Cup

Zero to Z-Cup

On february 12th, it was released the first chapter of this five chapter series on The Breast Expansion Story Club.

Zero to Z-cup part 1 starts off by giving us the information to understand the main character and the conflicts faces. Saget did a good job in explaining this without dragging it on for ages. Later on in the story we get the breast expansion we were waiting for. The clothes tearing and flesh bulging is great! Saget never fails to disappoint in that category. So far the only lackluster thing of this series is the classic “it came from outer space plot.” I fear not though, because the meteor is only a tool for future breast growth and sex that will excite us readers.


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Bee Stings #3

Bee Stings #3

Bee Stings #3 was just released on The Breast Expansion Story Club

The second breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, Bee Stings is a fantastic tale of a determined young woman given extraordinary abilities as a large breasted Amazon!

If you enjoyed Milk Blasters, Beelzebabe, Sexual Tension, or well written adult comics in general you will enjoy Bee Stings!


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Google will remove all Blogger sites that monetize adult content, from June 30

157634155-645x250Google sent an email to Blogger users today warning them that their site will be removed at the end of the month if they do not remove all adverts and links to external sites hosting adult content.

Blogger’s current Content Policy allows users to publish adult images and videos that contain nudity and sexual activity, provided they categorize their blog appropriately in the settings panel. Google doesn’t allow users to make money from adult content, however, with adverts or links pointing to commercial porn sites.

The email sent to Blogger admins today states that the company’s Content Policy will be updated on June 30 to “strictly prohibit” the monetization of all adult content. ”After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites,” the email reads.

blogger-captureThe wording doesn’t appear to differ from Blogger’s current Content Policy, but shows that Google is now prepared to take down any and all blogs which are “adult in nature” and displaying adverts or links for adult sites. These two factors could also be independent of one another: a blog which contains infringing adverts will certainly be taken down, but it’s not clear whether a blog that simply features adult content will share the same fate.

The current Content Policy also fails to define what constitutes ‘adult’ content. Images that contain nudity or sexual activity are listed as just one example, placing some ambiguity over exactly which blogs are under threat.

We have reached out to Google to confirm what this notice means and whether the removal will be for all blogs containing adult content, or just those featuring adverts for adult sites We will update this post if and when we hear back.

Via “The Next Web”

GiantessClub - You are watching -Kinky Comic Convention-

Kinky Comic Convention – 3 new Free Hosted Comics online!

Bimbo Story Club - You are watching -Kinky Comic Convention- You are now viewing- -Kinky Comic Convention- GiantessClub - You are watching -Kinky Comic Convention-

As you may know on the Free Comic Book Day we decided to offer a free comic. We offered the comic for free not only for May 4th. We also offered the comic for free on May 5th but now the comic is for sale on the 3 websites (considering that has a mix of the 3 fetishes – breast expansion, bimbo and giantess combined – on the same comic.

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