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The Legacy

The Legacy – New Series and New Free Hosted Comic!

In the ninth breast expansion series from lauded adult comic writer TJ Hunter, “The Legacy” is a fun tale about excess with a guy who has self control issues and a crippling addiction. We follow Simon in his journey of self discovery along with trying to figure out why the breasts of women all over the world get bigger right after he stops masturbating completely! This is a simpler and lighter tale than some of the other Hunter stories, but it’s still a fun story that’s well worth a reader’s time!

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The Lucky Lady I_FHC

New Free Hosted Comic for the first Black & White Series – The Lucky Lady!

The Lucky Lady I_FHC

The Breast Expansion Story Club decided to launch the first “vintage series” in Black & White and a new free hosted comic was added to!

You can see the Free Hosted Comic by clicking here!

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