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Bee Stings #3

Bee Stings #3

Bee Stings #3 was just released on The Breast Expansion Story Club

The second breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, Bee Stings is a fantastic tale of a determined young woman given extraordinary abilities as a large breasted Amazon!

If you enjoyed Milk Blasters, Beelzebabe, Sexual Tension, or well written adult comics in general you will enjoy Bee Stings!


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New BE Story Club Free Hosted Comic – Tales from Chastity – Tara’s Story

Tales from Chastity_Tara's_Story

A new free hosted comic was added to Cashforge.com!

You can see the Free Hosted Comic by clicking here!

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More powerful servers!

Websites_Load_TimeSince we relaunch The Breast Expansion Story Club and Giantess Club, and the launch of Bimbo Story Club the websites became slow and many technical issues appear.

The load times increased dramatically and we spent several weeks till we found the root cause.

That times are in the past. As seen on the image above, on February 13th, we moved the three websites to a more powerful server.

Load times are now below the 6 seconds of load time.

We are aware of the problems related of subscriptions and downloads and we are working on a new CCBill that will void the majority of the problems. It will take a few more weeks.

Have you checked the websites performance? Which was your experience?